Sheena Moralin


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The little child remembered only limited vivid moments of her first home. All she can remember is the day she left that home. They don’t discuss it much in her presence at the Academy.

The story as she told it:

All she could remember that the one in black used his red light to drop her father and his blue light to the floor, then her brother and mother. She took the source of her father’s blue light and tried to run away. A man with another blue light came and chased off the
one with the red. He took her somewhere safe.

Sheena’s father had been an apprentice to a Jedi Master but his will swayed to passion and broke the code leaving the Order – very similar to how Anakin would have been swayed had he lived and became Vader. However he reconsidered and wanted to reconcile as he intended to live in a balance of the Force making him a fugitive of both the Jedi and the Sith. Unfortunately, the Sith found him first and gave him the final ultimatum to join. It was his Jedi Master that arrived too late to the scene only to find his daughter running for her life with his fallen apprentice’s lightsaber. The child’s face was not one of fear or anger but despair and desire for knowledge to answer “Why?”.

The original plan was to take the girl back, retrieve the lightsaber, and see if Sheena knew anything that would identify the Sith before finding a suitable home for her. Upon questioning her, it was more than apparent that her intelligence for a mere 5yr old and potential connection with the Force was not a minor issue to ignore. The Council at first did not wish to train this child out of concern for her age, the judgment of her father may also be inherited and the fact the Sith may continue to pursue. However when further questioned about her emotions of what transpired, the girl’s responses were of curiosity, sadness but not of fear, anger or serious depression. There was much debate that ended with the reluctant decision to allow this girl to be adopted by the Jedi Order and trained.

Throughout her adolescence and now early adulthood, Sheena felt the need to redeem her father’s betrayal to the Jedi order through her own loyalty to the Order. And this is still where she stands. Her request to keep her father’s lightsaber as a reminder to her goals of attunement was granted even if with hesitation. To this day, she has never used his lightsaber and refuses to. She overheard plenty of conversations about what happened prior to the attack on her home – her father’s betrayal, connections to the Sith. But she still couldn’t get over the feeling that her father’s intentions were never truly of the Dark Side. He was a misguided and confused soul but his lightsaber was a memento to her of the path he could have followed and that she now would.

Sheena Moralin

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